Listing Seat Time on Grid Finder

Want to sell seat time in your race car? You’re only a few clicks away. This guide will walk you through how to set up your account and create your first listing.

First, you’ll need to set up a Grid Finder account. Click the “List on Grid Finder” button in the top right of the menu bar to get started. You can use your Google account or Facebook account to log in if you wish, or alternatively create a new account using your e-mail address.

In order to create listings, you’ll need to start a subscription. We’re currently offering a special rate for providers joining us during our beta test phase, allowing you to create unlimited listings for just £1 per month. Enter your payment details to start the subscription.

You will now be able to create a listing by clicking “Add Seat”. Complete all of the mandatory fields here and click the ‘Upload Listing’ button to create your first advert. Keep reading this article for guidance on how to create an effective Grid Finder listing that will attract interest from drivers.

Once you have created one or more listings, you can edit them by clicking on ‘My Seats’ and clicking the ‘Edit’ button on any listing. Please note that the images uploaded to the listing will not be displayed here, but they are still there! You do not need to re-upload images unless you are changing the image as part of the edit.


Creating Effective Listings

Do you want to get more views of your listings and generate more sales? There are a few things you can do to get the attention of drivers using the site to find seats.

Use an eye-catching listing image

Grid Finder is a very visual site, so a good image is key. Make sure it clearly depicts your car, ideally in a racing environment, and ideally without any visible damage. Ensure there is no image clutter, e.g. no text or watermarks. Finally, ensure the image is of a good resolution and is in the correct ratio, i.e. does not appear squashed or cropped. First impression is everything!

Include a Price

Listings with prices are far more likely to be clicked than listings that display £POA. We recognise that sometimes different prices are agreed with different drivers based on what is included in the package, so it is difficult to quote a fixed price up front. However, a minimum price or guide price should still be included to generate more views of your listing.

So long as your Description makes it clear what is included in the listing price and what is available at extra cost, it is perfectly fine that the price you agree with a driver may be different from the price displayed on your listing.

Be As Explicit As Possible

Drivers will use search filters and parameters to find seats that match their requirements, so set up your listing to take advantage of this. Ensure your ‘To’ and ‘From’ dates are accurate and as specific as possible. Include a circuit and a formula.

Remember, you can create unlimited listings under your subscription, and it is often better to create multiple listings for specific dates or events than try and make one multi-purpose listing, as the latter will appear in fewer search results.

Also, when stating the car, be as clear as possible. For example, listing a “Mazda MX-5” is not helpful as there are 4 generations of the car which are all different and compete in different racing categories. “Mazda MX-5 Mk 3 Supercup” is an example of a more specific listing which will aid drivers more.

Add Detail with a Description

Use the Description field to provide a full breakdown of what is included, what is available at extra cost and other important information about the drive. For instance, is it a solo drive or is it one seat in a team of multiple drivers? Are fuel and tyres included in the price and if not, what is the price per tank / set?

Viewers make subconscious decisions about a provider and a seat based on the presentation of a listing, and this includes the Description. Using text formatting, paragraphing and correct punctuation may seem like small factors but they can make a surprising difference. Always run your Description through the spell checker before publishing too.

Finally, please ALWAYS encourage drivers to contact you via Grid Finder in the first instance, rather than providing a phone number or e-mail in the Description directly. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and achieves the same outcome, and it massively helps our tracking metrics and will ultimately enable us to develop the site faster as we can demonstrate uptake.

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